Energy drinks BLOX

BLOX energy drinks are offered in five different flavors – matching the individuality of taste of our target consumers.

BLOX classicBLOX original-unique in color and taste – very attractive for the young hip generation

BLOX classicBLOX cherry a strong fruitful black cherry flavor, passionate in taste and color

BLOX classicBLOX citrus combining lemon and lime citrus flavors, light and refreshing in taste

BLOX classicBLOX orange full body orange flavor, fortified with a powerful combination of vitamins

BLOX classicBLOX classic is following the mainstream energy drink taste and color


The BLOX energy drinks mix well with many other drinks and such are “best partners” in fantastic and colorful non-alcoholic and alcoholic coolers and cocktails.

All BLOX energy drinks come in 250ml slim trendy cans, packed in trays 24 x 250ml.

BLOX original tray

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