BLOXHELPS™ - Dietary supplement

BLOXHELPS - Good Looking Information

BLOXHELPS™ - Good Looking
The product is designed to support skin beauty by improving its regeneration and the synthesis of the body’s own protein “collagen” in a natural way. Furthermore it helps to reduce body weight gains, and with additional intake of vitamin C it supports the synthesis of L-carnitin, well known as fat burner. » More information


BLOX classic

BLOXHELPS - Good Feeling
The product is designed to support good functionality of gut and liver, has effect on growth of lactic acid bacteria (necessary for healthy digestion), plays a roll in managing cholosterol and increased blood glucose level after meals. » More information



Seoul, Republic of Korea

is constantly cooperating with experts in their scientific fields to develop new and improve existing products.

Company's Scientific Advisory Board

  • Professor Young- In Kwon
    Hannam University, Korea
  • Dr. Emmanouil Apostolidis
    Food Science & Nutrition Research Center University, USA
  • Professor Se-Jae KIm
    Jeju national University, Korea
  • Professor Y.C. Kim
    Nutrition Research University, USA
  • Professor Hae -Dong Jang
    Hannam University, Korea
  • Professor Yoon-Kyu Lim
    Jeju national University, Korea

BLOXHELPS™ products can rely on ingredients which have been developed by Kunpoong Bio in close cooperation with its highly professional Scientific Advisory Board.

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